Our Approach

Entrepreneurial ventures. Established professional firms. Non-profit organizations. Every company needs to understand its reason for being, the promise of its brand, and how to deliver extraordinary experiences to its customers. Here are three examples of how we partnered with a range of businesses to solve their challenges.

Startup company

The Challenge:

  • A newly formed health and fitness company set an aggressive growth goal of opening five locations in four years
  • Establishing and delivering the promise of the brand from Day One, and ensuring that employee training was focused on providing exceptional customer experiences consistent with the brand.
Our Solution:
  • A long-term engagement that included professional coaching with the owners.
  • Workshops that integrated brand platform, customer experience, leadership, sales, and conflict resolution as their core subjects.
  • Monitoring and assessing customer feedback, and quality control checks performed randomly at all locations, with follow-up coaching for the team on ways to improve customer experience.

The Impact:

  • The delivery of a consistently excellent product regardless of location.
  • A well-trained staff now capable of monitoring, assessment, and quality control.
  • Improved customer experience feedback.
  • Profitability in an extremely competitive market.

Established company

The Challenge:

  • A multi-office, statewide medical practice was receiving an increase in negative customer feedback.
  • Rapid growth without adjusting their customer experience strategy had led to a disconnect between their brand promise and the patient experience.
Our Solution:
  • Interviews with key stakeholders in each department, with analysis and reporting.
  • Onsite work, including:
    • Observation of reception desks and call center.
    • Keynote presentation to all staff focused on patient-centric experiences.
    • Multiple specialized breakout sessions.
  • Ongoing team tele-coaching.

The Impact:

  • Reordering of policies and procedures to foster collegiality, not “silo” thinking.
  • Creation of a team to monitor customer feedback and the delivery of a consistent and extraordinary customer experience system-wide.
  • Reorganization of staff to adapt to the growth of the practice.
  • Improved customer experience feedback.

Non-profit organization

The Challenge:

  • A national non-profit with a powerful Board of Directors knew that they had the potential to raise significantly more funds, but struggled with why they were unable to do so.
  • Board meetings felt disconnected and perfunctory.
Our Solution:
  • A “Day of Discovery” with the Board of Directors and CEO to review strategy, brand, and take an inventory of board members, their contributions, and their unique skill sets and contacts.
  • Immerse the board members in the mission of the organization, the promise of its brand, and the real and tangible difference that the brand makes in the lives of those whom they serve.
  • Work with board members on communication skills to be able to powerfully represent the brand in their conversations with donors and prospects.

The Impact:

  • Reorganization of the structure of the board, focused on the highest and best use of each board member’s skills, and emphasizing mission, brand, accountability, participation, and ownership.
  • Board members who did not want to engage at this higher level resigned from the board, opening the way for new members to join.
  • The reorganized board leveraged the anniversary of the founding of the organization as an opportunity to put into play their new skills.
  • A 15 percent increase in fundraising during the first year since the reorganization.

Ken had the vision, tenacity and charisma to lead a two-year effort of strategic change for a national non-profit. Ken led the process of orienting the organization’s mission towards a more focused purpose for the future, and rebranded the customer experience with support and partnership from Board, staff and external constituents. He is obsessed with his customers, thinks big, owns the details and is remarkably frugal in his delivery – Ken leads with purpose.

Jason Feldman

Director, Prime Video Direct , Amazon

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