Our Boxer, Dustin. Handsome boy!

We’re fortunate to have a great neighborhood pharmacy where we live. A place where they know you by name, greet you with a friendly smile, and make you feel at home.

Last week, I needed to pick up a medication, and because it was a beautiful day, decided to take the dog for a walk to keep me company. He’s a Boxer Luv Rescue pup, and always happy to be at the party.

Along the way, he greeted the usual suspects: assorted neighbors, the mailman, a couple of gardeners weeding flower beds, and his favorite: babies. He’s 60 pounds of muscle, but around a baby he becomes the gentlest of creatures, softly sniffing them up and down. And if there is a bare foot or two to be licked, all the better!

Arriving at the pharmacy I didn’t know what to do. There wasn’t a place to tie him to outside, and I wasn’t comfortable with that anyway. I opened the door and looked in, and one of their terrific team members asked if the dog was with me, because, she announced, this is a dog-friendly pharmacy. She went on to explain that we could have pet prescriptions filled there as well.

Dustin was all wiggles once inside and was rewarded with a dog treat. After we left I had an even better feeling about our pharmacy. They elevated my customer experience. I would venture to say that there are few things more emotional than our pets. And when a brand can be inclusive of our furry friends, it can only accrue to their good. What’s one thing that you can do today to elevate your customer’s experience of your brand?