I would appreciate it if you would take a short 10 question survey to help us understand people’s experience with gender/gender expression in professional and customer-service situations. We will provide you with the findings, and I’ll create a set of detailed steps that you can take to help make your workplace truly hospitable and welcoming for all persons.

I know how valuable your time is, and this should only take 5 – 10 minutes to complete. If you’d be so kind to do so, I would be grateful.

The idea for this survey came from my blog post “We’re LGBT inclusive! Are you really?”

It generated a significant amount of calls and emails, with many people wanting to know what more they could do to create a safe and friendly workplace environment. A good friend, Julia McDermott, a professor at Santa Rosa Junior College, engaged me in a discussion about gender and gender-neutral language.

My blog did not touch on this important aspect of how to make a customer or employee more comfortable and feel more welcome in business situations based on gender and gender expression, and I asked Julia to help me advance the conversation. Which brings us back to this short 10 question survey.

Your participation will fuel research, and be the catalyst for a blog that Julia is going to write for us, to which I’ll add notes on putting it into practice. Because it’s all about learning and practical application.

Thanks in advance for your participation!