Photo by Zetong Li from Pexels

A week ago, I met with a former client who wants to work together again. During the course of our meeting, the two people in attendance started quoting things I had said during our previous engagement, which was almost three years ago.

I was stunned. I’m not sure why. I believe in the work that I do. Helping people to understand their brand as a promise and to keep their word fulfills me. My consulting and coaching work comes from the heart and I speak with conviction and passion. It would stand to reason that people might retain what I say! But this was the first time that people have literally recited my own words to me, verbatim.

That experience underscored the value of my work, and perhaps more importantly, the singular core value of everything that I do: integrity. People are hungry for integrity, in all aspects of life, and I attract clients who value integrity as much as I do.

What also came to mind is that everything I say when working with clients has the potential to be remembered, for a very, very long time! People may be listening more closely and more attentively than I previously thought.

In the week ahead, I challenge you to approach your business and your personal life from the perspective that people are, in fact, listening to and retaining what you say. How, if at all, would that change what comes out of your mouth? Why?

Embrace the week ahead.