Every week, without fail, I connect with two of my colleagues – actually, they’re brothers now – for an hour and a half to coach each other in a Mastermind meeting. We follow a simple formula for the week past. What’s working, what’s not, the one thing that we have to do in the coming week to move the needle as far as possible, and a hot seat, all learned from our coach, Russ Perry, CEO of Design Pickle. 

When our four months of work with Russ concluded, we all realized something: we are stronger together. We are more powerful as a brotherhood, even though we’re not related by blood. We need accountability, because without it, we tend to be OK being OK, instead of challenging ourselves to live into our full potential.

In addition to the Mastermind meeting, we communicate with each other during the week to offer encouragement when we know there’s an important meeting coming up or to hold each other accountable when we miss a commitment. We love each other, and we don’t cut each other any slack. And we’re better for it.

I’m grateful beyond measure for Russ who introduced me to the technology of Warrior and for my Mastermind brothers, Bobby Klein, the CEO of Off the Grid and Oliver Keller, the CEO of Synlio. The three of us could not be more different, and yet it’s precisely our differences that are our strength. We each offer unique approaches to each other’s challenges that help us fail fast and produce breakthroughs.

Whether you’re a seasoned CEO or a newly minted solopreneur, having a small group of like-minded individuals dedicated to their own success and to the success of one another is invaluable. The more I study successful people, the more I come to appreciate two things: 1 – they invest in themselves, and not just from a business perspective. They invest in improving their bodies, their minds, their spiritual lives, and their relationships. 2 – they have mentors, whether in the form of a coach or a Mastermind.

Do yourself a favor. Create a small, powerful Mastermind team. Done right, you’ll experience growth in every facet of your life, and you’ll discover just how powerful you are.