Photo by Rachel Cook on Unsplash

Remember that you must die.

Most of us don’t like to consider our mortality. Yet there is but one door through which we exit life, and it is called death.

What better reminder to make the most of each day? What better motivation to treat those with whom we work, and live, and love, and play with kindness and respect? What better confirmation of the fact that the time to act is right now?

A friend died unexpectedly today. A heart attack. A stark reminder that we know not the time nor the place. But if you did know that today was going to be your last day, what “ordinary” things might you do to make the day extraordinary?

Would you help a co-worker complete a project even though you had completed yours and could be taking a break? Would you smile at a stranger and bring a moment of joy to their life? Would you put your phone down and be fully present with your spouse?

Today may very well be our last day. We don’t know. We don’t have to do anything extraordinary. Just be a good human.

Memento Mori. A simple phrase that is worth uttering every morning. It will help you live your life with the kind of purpose that comes with knowing that today might be your last.

Be a good human.