Brand & Customer Experience

The biggest challenge – and opportunity – facing your company today is delivering the promise of your brand through providing extraordinary customer experiences.

Being your brand means knowing the promise that you’re making, and keeping it with every experience a customer or team member has with your business. Because every time someone “touches” your company, they’re testing your brand to see if it’s consistent with your promise – whether they know it or not. If it is, your brand is enhanced. If it’s not, your brand is degraded. There is no neutral.

We’ll help you define your brand promise, map the ideal customer experience journey, and train your team to consistently deliver extraordinary service.

Making a promise and keeping it, and all that these imply – having integrity, and being honest and worthy of trust – will transform your business. By paying close attention to the promise that your brand makes, and by considering the emotions that you want to evoke in your customers, you can curate unique experiences for them; ones that they will want to repeat again and again and share with friends.

Brand and Customer Experience Projects are tailored for each company.

The standard format for brand and customer experience projects includes the following components, adapted to your needs:

  • On-site observation
    An objective look at your physical sites and employee interactions with customers and with each other, at retail outlets, corporate offices, call centers, fulfillment centers, and other key locations.
  • Interviews and data review
    Conducted in confidence with employees, customers, board members, and shareholders, with the goal of identifying gaps and inconsistencies in knowledge and delivery of services. Review of customer feedback data. A report summarizes trends, and surfaces quick-fixes that can be implemented immediately.
  • Customer experience and customer journey
    Review of customer feedback data, and a comparison of perceived vs. actual experiences. Mapping touchpoints at a granular level. Designing and curating extraordinary experiences consistent with your brand. Understanding that everyone is in the hospitality business, and treating your customer as a guest. The role of the entire team in delivering an extraordinary customer experience. Where and why customers exit and rejoin the journey. 
  • Brand platform intensive
    A review of your vision, mission, and values. Exploring brand promise as the touchstone by which customers and employees judge your company. Understanding how you position yourself to your target audiences, your messages, and the value proposition that you provide. Your brand personified: finding your voice and determining the emotions you want to evoke in your prospects, customers, and employees.
  • Customer experience plan
    Creating an executable customer service strategy.

Ken took a personal interest in our business. He walked through our restaurant and our processes, tracing the steps that any individual customer might make, and helped us to improve the experience that we offer. Ken’s journeyed with us all along the way as we grow. He’s been there to encourage us, offering us advice backed by research. It’s his personal commitment – believing in our vision – that has made him such a rewarding and valuable partner.

Kevin Lentz

Proprietor, French Grocery

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