Professional Coaching

Leadership is not something you do at work, and then turn off when the day is done. Leadership is a way of being.
True leaders are always engaged: turning over problems in their minds, playing out different solutions, and seeking ways to empower their employees. That’s why leaders need to care for themselves as much as they care for the teams that rely on them.

Professional coaching can benefit individuals or teams interested in developing or advancing specific skill sets, needing an objective sounding board, or desiring to declutter their minds and regain focus.

We will listen, challenge, and inspire you to be the best you can be, concentrating on the things you want to accomplish. We’ll help you design strategies to achieve your goals, and provide clear and executable action steps following each session.

With each success or failure, we’ll help you identify what happened and why, access the lessons to be learned, and work with you to reinforce the successes and minimize the failures. We’ll call attention to things you say or do that are inconsistent with your committed values, guiding you back to the core of who you really are.

We coach from a place of generosity, knowing that life is a limited time engagement, and we’ll do everything we can to empower you to visualize and manifest the future you wish to create.

Your coaching is really effective. You’ve created an atmosphere of trust.  Pretty much from day one, I have felt a comfort level where I could speak about whatever was occurring; whether it be positive or negative.  Obviously positive talk is much easier, but I find it very rare that I feel comfortable talking to someone about the negative. There have been instances where I just talk and talk, not really having an end point or objective to get to.  You have been wonderful in being able to translate the jibberish into real life action items to have an endpoint goal to achieve.

I have to say that so far I have never walked away from a coaching session with you in which I didn’t feel I had learned or grown in some way.

I believe you set a good standard in which to model after. You are relaxed and yet confident. Kind and yet I can see that you are very serious about business. It shows me that I can be an effective leader while still being kind, firm and confident. I respond well to the real-life scenarios you use in coaching.

You’ve helped me in many ways. I’ve learned how to diffuse situations. You really helped me take my leadership to a new level in working with my Team. You helped me see what I could have done differently in the moment and how my own perception once again made me not see clearly “what is.” I have learned that you have to be consistent in not allowing yourself to go down that path.

Your style is engaging, yet relaxed and makes it’s easy to open up to you.

The guidance, correction and suggestions you offered so far have been insightful and quite helpful when I’ve put them into practice.  The correction doesn’t feel chastising either.

As hokey as it may sound, I feel your commitment to the session and to me.  My experience is that you are invested in my specific development and to the collective development to us as team leads.

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