Keynote addresses. Fundraising galas. Education and Training Events. Master of Ceremonies.

Ken Mosesian began his public speaking career at the age of 15, before an audience of over 300 people. He has inspired employees and leaders in a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, health and fitness, law, medicine, politics, social activism, and religious organizations.

Ken’s ability to “read a room” allows him to meet people where they are, in order to take them on a journey that will contribute to their advancement and education. Humor, poignancy and focused energy are the hallmarks of Ken’s speaking style. His intention is to leave every participant with something of value that will remain with them long after the event is over.

I had the pleasure of hearing Ken speak at a charity event in New York City and was impressed with his ability to hold the audience’s attention. His enthusiasm was infectious and put everyone at ease.  I also appreciated Ken sharing a personal story that related to the theme of the evening, something that elicited emotion and endeared him to the audience even more.  It’s not easy to strike the right tone at events like that, especially when there is fund-raising to be done, but Ken definitely has the talent to move and inspire people.  I dug into my pocket that night!

John R. Green

Television Executive

You are a riveting speaker. It was truly an honor to be in your presence. The only negative I can say is that there wasn’t enough time. I could have listened and participated for so many more hours. Time truly flew by. Thank you again.

Chris Reed

Retreat Participant

I must state that you are an extraordinary public speaker and by far my favorite part of the course was listening to you. I love the stories and the small ways that you connect with your audience. Truly an amazing talent!

Christopher Gerlings

Retreat Participant

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