The Self-Managed Company :

A 5-Step Framework for effective leadership.

Wednesday 24 August 2022
12 noon Pacific / 3 pm Eastern

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What: A complimentary workshop designed to help leaders become more effective, build trust in their teams, and let go of day-to-day operations, so that they can find their flow and focus on successfully navigating their company through a rapidly shifting financial landscape.

Why: Because if you want your company to THRIVE – even in times of economic uncertainty – leaders need to be focused, agile, and know when to pivot and adapt.

Creating a self-managed company – one in which everyone is operating at their highest and best – with leaders focused on the future and teams engaging daily operations, gives you a strategic advantage over your competition. But chances are you weren’t taught much about leadership skills and how to build a self-managed company.

So the natural response is to stay in the weeds, and when the going gets rough, to hunker down. 

Participating in this workshop is the first step to transforming into the leader that you’re called to be.

What you’ll get in the workshop: A solid understanding of the 5-Step Framework and one practical strategy that you can implement immediately with your teams, so that you can ultimately LET GO of doing everything yourself, focus on what gives you joy, and experience freedom as you grow your business. 

About: Ken Mosesian is the author of The Power of Promise: how to win and keep customers by telling the truth about your brand. He is passionately committed to helping company leaders transform their lives and businesses. 


The Framework:

  1. Build a values-based company culture linked to behavior so that you attract and retain the right talent who you can count on to make important profit-driving decisions and put out fires – even if you’re on vacation.
  2. Develop access to power through communication so that others clearly get what you’ve said and can immediately act on it, saving the company time and money by eliminating mistakes caused by misunderstandings.
  3. Invite constructive feedback from others so that you see yourself as your team sees you, removing blind spots, showing you where you need to grow, and helping you to make better decisions.
  4. Delegate as a way to grow and develop your teams, so that they take ownership of projects, become self-sustaining, and relieve you from operational tasks, freeing you to focus on future of the company.
  5. Create and share a vision that inspires every team member so that they are fully engaged, clear on KPIs, working collectively towards a growth target, and excited about their role in the future of the company.

Join other company leaders for 90 minute conversation about the 5-Step Framework.