I listened to former Vice President Joe Biden eulogize the late Senator John McCain yesterday. Given that Arizona has been our adopted state for the past 13 years, the moment had special meaning for me.

In a deeply moving tribute, Vice President Biden talked about what animated the Senator: his values.

Gently paraphrased, he said that “John came from another age, lived by another code, an ancient code where honor, courage, character, duty, and integrity mattered.”

Mr. Biden continued, “The truth is that John’s code was ageless. We could disagree on substance. But where he would part company with you is if you lacked the basic values of decency and respect and fairness.”

Vice President Biden stated that they could challenge each other’s judgement, but never challenge each other’s motives. Because if you did that, it would be impossible to “get to go.”

As he concluded, the former Vice President said this about his friend: “He believed so deeply and so passionately in the soul of America. He made it easier for others to have faith in the soul of America. He believed in the American people,” calling our story the most improbable, the most hopeful, the most enduring story on earth.

What animates you?

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